Culture of Journalism Team Addresses General Managers at Super Regional

The Culture of Journalism Collaborative gathered in Atlanta last week for a break out session at the 2018 Public Radio Super Regional Meeting. “Station Culture Matters: Let’s Put Journalism First,” marks the fourth panel discussion presented by the COJ team this year. The group also presented at the PRNDI, PMDMC and PRPD conferences.

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Check out the new PRNDI website feature "From the Archives."  Periodically, we'll be posting items found in old PRNDI (and even prior to that, PRNDA) newsletters.  We'll post articles, messages from the President, and even some descriptions of conference sessions from years past.  What's changed in the business in the past 30 years?  What hasn't?  Here's one way to see what's new and what was happening early on in PRNDI's history.

As seen in the PRNDA (Public Radio News Directors Association) Newsletter "ADVISORY: NOT FOR BROADCAST"

January 1987 – by Marcos Martinez, News Director, KUNM, Albuquerque

People of color are becoming a proportionately larger part of the American population.  They are becoming more important as news consumers, as news subjects and as potential listnere supporters for public radio.  Reaching a greater share of minority listeners makes sense in light of the public radio goal of doubling the audience by the next decade.

Courtesy of Keith Woods

When NPR’s Keith Woods stepped up to the podium in Philadelphia last Summer to accept PRNDI’s 2018 Leo C. Lee award, he told everyone in the room about one of the biggest challenges facing him: training for a 100 mile bicycle ride, The Sea Gull Century, swiftly approaching in October.

Rachel Osier Lindley

Each year, PRNDI honors an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to public radio news. This year's Leo C. Lee Award recipient will be chosen by the PRNDI Board at its annual meeting in early November.  We are currently accepting nominations from member -stations.

UPDATE: Pre-Election Webinar Materials Archived

Sep 20, 2018

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Online Verification and Discovery Training for Journalists webinar this week from The Information Disorder Project. Archived materials are now available.

David Kovaluk - St. Louis Public Radio

In an effort to raise journalistic ambition and expertise across the public media system, representatives from NPR, PRX, PRNDI and member stations want more information about how newsrooms are serving their audiences.

Equipment Follow-up - Lessons from the Field

Aug 30, 2018

I recently wrote an article for PRNDI about recording and photographing in the field. If things would have gone as anticipated, it would have been a stellar article. Things did not go as planned.

The assignment was to do a piece about the centennial of the reintroduction of elk to Michigan. I was determined to do the story AND get great audio of bull elk “bugling” for mates and photographs of elk. Sometimes the best of plans go awry.

Equipment: It's Not Just About the Audio

Aug 28, 2018

A few days ago, Lester Graham of Michigan Radio posted to facebook about the equipment he was preparing for an upcoming story he was covering.  We were intrigued and asked him to share his insights with our members.

I follow NPR reporter Don Gonyea on Instagram. Occasionally, he’ll arrange all the equipment he takes on the road on his dining room table and take a photo. I like looking over the recorders, microphones, cables, etc.

To me, everyone’s kit bag is a fingerprint of that reporter’s priorities, preparedness and equipment-failure paranoia.

NPR, PRX, PRNDI and member station representatives from Minnesota Public Radio and St. Louis Public Radio brought the Culture of Journalism discussion to PRPD’s Public Radio Content Conference this month in Austin.

You spoke…we listened!  “Go west,” you said.  So, we’re going west.

PRNDI is soliciting proposals for our 2020 Conference location, and you should know up front that we’re looking for a locale in the western part of the United States.  Do you want to host PRNDI in your city?  Here’s your chance. PRNDI has extended the deadline for submitting proposals until Friday, October 26th.  Get your proposal in!  


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