PRNDI Re-Cued: Protecting Reporters from Stress

Jun 24, 2013

Behavioral Specialist Jane Ehrman of the Cleveland Clinic speaks with PRNDI members at Idea Center during the 2013 conference.
Credit Charles Compton

Introduction by Charles Compton, news director WEKU Radio, at PRNDI's 2013 Conference in Cleveland's Idea Center: Engineers take care of our equipment.  Our expenses are handled by business managers.  And the IT person keeps our computers humming.  But, in most cases, only news directors take care of reporters.

We do it out of basic respect for them and the work they do…but, more practically, we need to keep our reporters sharp, so they serve our communities well. 

They too require maintenance.  A good reporter is hard to find and even harder to keep.  A study this month out of the University of Kansas indicates one-fifth of television reporters show some sign of burnout.  Among newspaper reporters, the same researcher found young journalists are especially vulnerable to burn-out.

This morning, we talk about taking care of our people. 

Our first speaker is former WBUR news director Martha Little, who recently redirected her journalism career for personal reasons. She’ll give us some context.

Martha Little, former news director, WBUR Boston.

And then later in the session, we hear from Jane Pernotto Ehrman, who’s the lead behavioral health specialist at the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Lifestyle Medicine, in the Wellness Institute.  She’ll give us some practical tip for coping with stress.

First though, Martha Little….