New Journalism Ethics Blog from Poynter Institute

Jul 10, 2013

The Poynter Institute has just launched a blog covering ethics. It's written by Kelly McBride, and, as she describes, it is  "dedicated to examining how the transformation of media is changing the ethics of journalism."McBride offers three guiding principles and asks journalists to "debate and debunk" them. 

Here's an excerpt describing why she thinks we need a fresh look at ethics:

For the longest time, it seemed our ethical values would remain exactly the same. While our publishing platforms, business models and story forms evolved, we hung onto three core principles — truth, independence and minimizing harm — to guide the ethical decisions we made in journalism.

But the more things changed, the more we found that this specific articulation of values was an unhelpful starting point when confronting new challenges. After a year-long collaboration, we’ve arrived at a new articulation of journalism values. Truth remains our most important goal. Transparency and communityrise in prominence. They don’t replace independence and minimizing harm, as much as subsume them.